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In its “Mobile Messaging Report,” Juniper Research (among other things) looks at the Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, forecasting that revenues from such services will exceed $70 billing by 2016, effectively overtaking revenues from Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging during the year 2016.

foursquare SMS Update

Bug Fixes + New Features!

Searching a new location is fixed: 


You are in NY, NY

Reply with a venue name to search nearby.

You may also reply:
(1) Search another city (1 + city) *added a shortcut here
(2) Return home

»Reply ‘1 new orleans’


Please reply with a venue name to search near new orleans

You may also reply (1) to return home

»Reply ‘starbucks’


Venues for ‘starbucks’ (near new orleans):

(1) Starbucks (800 Harrison Ave)
(2) Starbucks (2801 Magazine)
(3) Starbucks (Maple st)
(2/2)(4) Starbucks (365 Canal)
(5) More

(6) New search
(7) Search another city
(8) Home

Added zipcode search. Now available from the main menu, or texting the shortcut foursquare checkin venue zip OR foursquare checkin zip venue to DOTCOM (368266).


Welcome back Michelle!

You’re in NY, NY

(1) Check-Ins
(2) Tips Nearby
(3) Check in (3 venue zip)
(4) To-Do
(5) Profile
(6) Help

»Reply ‘3 starbucks 10014’


Venues for ‘starbucks’ (near 10014):

(1) Starbucks Coffee (13-25 Astor Pl.)
(2) Starbucks (72 Spring St)
(3) Starbucks (41 Union Square
(4) Starbucks (345 Hudson St)
(5) More

(6) New search
(7) Search another city
(8) Home

Fixed points displayed after check-in, and added the Leaderboard.


OK! We’ve got you @ Starbucks. You’ve been here 5 times.
(1 points for this checkin, #72 on leaderboard)

(1) Maura C.
(2/2)is the Mayor of Starbucks. You’re 42 days from mayor!

(2) Back
(3) Leaderboard
(4) Home

Announcing DOTGO Publisher

A powerful new web-based text messaging platform

We’re very excited to formally announce the launch of DOTGO Publisher. Built on top of CMRL, our powerful mobile markup language, DOTGO Publisher is a suite of web-based publishing tools that lets you effortlessly take advantage of text messaging.

DOTGO Publisher includes three new easy to use tools:

  • Site Builder: Create and manage keywords, edit your SMS menu, and preview your site.
  • Message Center: Schedule and send messages to your subscribers with ease.
  • Analytics: Get detailed usage statistics and see every text message sent to your site.

DOTGO Publisher is available for free today to all registered DOTGO users, and upgrading to a Basic Account lets you take advantage of the Message Center and the newly redesigned Analytics. Broadcast messaging plans start as just $9.99 for 1000 messages, making DOTGO Publisher the most cost-effective way to broadcast text messages to your users.


Site Builder

Message Center


We love feedback

We’ll be working hard over the coming weeks adding new features to DOTGO Publisher and to our website, and we’d love your feedback. Please leave us comments on our feedback page.

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Great interactive data visualization for mobile usage over time, comparing countries TNS - Mobile Life 


Great interactive data visualization for mobile usage over time, comparing countries TNS - Mobile Life