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In its “Mobile Messaging Report,” Juniper Research (among other things) looks at the Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, forecasting that revenues from such services will exceed $70 billing by 2016, effectively overtaking revenues from Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging during the year 2016.

When we heard New York City was hosting the NYC BigApps competition this year, we knew we couldn’t pass up a chance to help make the city more accessible to New Yorkers. Since we’re all about SMS for websites, we thought we would keep things simple, yet useful, and create a DOTGO site for NYC.gov.

To access the site, text “nyc” to DOTGOV (368468) and from there you can navigate to news from the city, information on alternate side parking, garbage and recycling collection, and more. Try it!

We hope you all find this useful, and would greatly appreciate your support in the form of a vote for our submission: VOTE HERE.

You can also access our submission from the simulator.



DOTGO Social Media Week Panel at JWT

DOTGO will host a panel entitled “Cross-Mobile Brand Strategy" at this year’s Social Media Week, to be held February 7-11, 2011 in New York City. The DOTGO panel will take place on Friday, February 11 from 12 to 2pm at JWT, Social Media Week’s Business, Media, and Communications Hub.

The panel will be moderated by DOTGO CEO and Co-founder Stefan Gromoll and will focus on how brands are executing on their mobile strategies and what trends appear to be emerging as a result of the heavy focus on the mobile mediaum. Full description:

Cross-Mobile Brand Strategy, Hosted by DOTGO
A discussion on how leading brands are utilizing mobile applications, mobile websites, and text messaging to activate their brand’s regional and global social engagement strategies.
With 91% of the world’s population keeping a mobile phone within arm’s reach, it’s no surprise that having a mobile strategy has become crucial for brands. From feature phones to smart phones, apps to mobile web sites, and with the rise of text messaging as a direct marketing channel, there have never been better ways to reach just about every consumer across the globe. Mobile strategy has become a necessary part of the digital strategies for brands.
Format: 3-4 five minute presentations followed by a panel discussion with brands leading the way in the mobile space, moderated by Stefan Gromoll.
  • Moderator: Stefan Gromoll - CEO and Co-Founder - DOTGO
  • Farrah Bostic - VP, Group Planning Director - Digitas
  • Chi Modu - Brand Strategist - Diverse Insights
  • Kristin Volk - VP, Human Experience Strategy Director - MediaVest

Registration for the panel is free, and the RSVP page can be found here: http://amiando.com/dotgo

2011 Here We Come!

DOTGO had an incredible year in 2010 and is closing the year out with a big product launch on the horizon.

Growth has been phenomenal, and adoption has been even better than we expected. In November and December alone, we sent and received as many messages as we did in all of 2009. After securing a Series A round from Epic Ventures and TomorrowVC (the venture fund of Google’s Eric Schmidt) last spring, the DOTGO team grew to eight, with two more scheduled to join us this coming spring, and we are still looking to hire. In September, we moved into a new office in SoHo. By all accounts, 2011 is shaping up to be a great year.

In fact, we won’t be wasting any time in 2011 and will be launching a new product suite on January 11. The product suite will include several tools that will make DOTGO even easier to use than it already is and will introduce new broadcast capabilities with a very competitive pricing structure. With this new product suite, we will be better able to better serve our clients, which range from small businesses through large media companies and resellers.

If you are interested in being a launch partner, get in touch with us at contact@dotgo.com.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

- The DOTGO Team

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We’re Hiring!

We’re a small but revolutionary venture-backed mobile startup backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt.  We’re looking for experienced and creative Software Engineers to get involved on the ground floor of a new company and personally influence how our products evolve. Responsibilities:

  • Lead software design and development of the DOTGO platform
  • Contribute creatively to product design decisions
  • Interact with and support the developer community


  • Proven track record successfully developing web applications
  • Minimum of 4 years experience in software design and development
  • Experience developing publicly available APIs (REST/XML-RPC/SOAP)
  • Experience scaling web services
  • Open to learning new technologies

Desired Skills:

  • Perl programming
  • OO design
  • MySQL/DBI experience
  • Linux administration
  • XML parsing and manipulation from Perl (LibXML2, XPath, XSLT, etc.)
  • Source control (Git)
  • Experience scaling web services
  • Familiarity with the mobile industry and platforms a plus

Additional useful skills:  HTML/CSS, PHP, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Amazon AWS, Ubuntu, apache, mod_perl, pound, squid, git.  Mobile development experience (web, iPhone, Android, SMS, etc.)

DUE TO THE HIGH AMOUNT OF RESUMES WE RECEIVE - ONLY APPLY IF… you are not…. offshore, a company, a contractor, and/or a recruiter, etc!

TO APPLY: Please send resume to Marcy Dakss at m.dakss@dotgo.com

Location: New York City, NY


Check it out, I finally put together my own SMS site :)
Just text “mdfsmash” to DOTCOM (368266)
I’ll post the code next. I’m very proud of myself for writing it. Those GirlDevelopIt classes really helped!
And, we’re going to work on the way that tumblr rss feeds display. 


Check it out, I finally put together my own SMS site :)

Just text “mdfsmash” to DOTCOM (368266)

I’ll post the code next. I’m very proud of myself for writing it. Those GirlDevelopIt classes really helped!

And, we’re going to work on the way that tumblr rss feeds display.